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It is recognized (even assumed) that reproduction of music utilizing conventional loudspeaker technology fails to be convincing. The major impediments as seen and addressed by BSL, in a revolutionary new design are:


From the foregoing it may be assumed that the case for true reproduction of a musical event would be better served through the use of low-mass drivers in a crossover-less design. Brentworth Sound Lab has dedicated itself to this end and achieved remarkable results


Attempts to eliminate crossovers (and thereby phase and group delay distortion) has thus far been relegated to either exotic driver design (i.e.: planar or electrostatic designs) or variations of conventional drivers (i.e.: Walsh, Pinfold and Jordan). From the limited success of these efforts we reasoned that although the driver is indeed an integral part of the whole, the enclosure that embraces it is many orders of magnitude more important. An example would be the relationship that exists between violin string and violin. This analogy indicated that the elusive point-source goal might be achieved with an enclosure built on principals more familiar to a violinmaker than to a box maker. Shedding preconceived ideas and relying totally on the science of acoustics, an extraordinary development took place; BSL created the Stradivarius of enclosures.

The technology has been termed Dynamic Loading System (DLS) and refers to the Enclosure’s ability, through an intricate line and valve system to load the driver at low frequencies while simultaneously unloading the driver at higher frequencies. The effect is that low frequencies are coupled to the room with massive amounts of air, thereby negating the necessity for large and uncontrollable woofers (producing bass in this manner is directly analogous to a bass violin creating bass from the relatively small vibrations of a string). At the same time, the driver remains almost completely unrestrained to reproduce high frequencies.

Lastly, the design calls for the entire chamber to be mated to, and damped with, a non-resonant substance to control spurious resonances. The material chosen for this purpose is Gibraltar, a high-tech, solid-surface material available in a variety of colors and finishes. Strikingly beautiful when finished, Gibraltar is also used to fabricate the matching stands supplied with the Type 1 speakers. The specially made, 6.25 inch drivers are incredibly light and stiff, capable of reproducing 20Hz - 20kHz when reinforced (acoustically) in the enclosure. The drivers operate in an essentially pressure-free environment and are coupled directly to the amplifier.

A Bass Contour Module was developed as an integral part of the overall design. This unit is inserted between the control amplifier and power amplifier or in a tape loop if preferred, and can be switched out for comparison or special purposes.

With DLS (Dynamic Loading System) technology, Brentworth Sound Lab takes a bold step forward in music reproduction. BSL believes this technology is the closest approach thus far to Point Source Sound and therefore to the elusive goal of Live music. The absence of phase and time anomalies together with a completely unrestrained driver results in perfect reproduction of musical timbre with a clarity and definition that is truly remarkable. At the same time, their extreme sensitivity (a result of the driver’s direct coupling to the amplifier) allows these instruments to capture the shading, nuance and dynamic range of a live performance with even the most delicate amplifier!

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